How To Think Like a Coder

Without Even Trying!

A back-to-basics guide on coding for absolute beginners whether adults or children.

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About the Book

Coding is set to change the way we work and the skills we will need in the future. For those who know nothing about coding, getting to grips with the basics is daunting.

This accessible, fun book goes right back to the very basics, teaching central concepts such as loops, data types, pseudocode and calculations without having to learn a single line of code!

Using a set of dice, a deck of cards or a pack of dominoes to enjoy fun and straightforward exercises, you will practise key skills such as critical thinking, creativity, logic and problem-solving and begin to think like a coder without even turning on your computer.

Think Like a Coder Stories

Finding Logic in Comedy

Finding Logic in Comedy

In "How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying!", author Jim Christian introduces the basics of logic (a common concept found throughout computer science, mathematics and literature) to readers of all ages. Here he describes how he found inspiration for the topic, through one of his favourite comedians - Steve Martin.

Packed full of information and lively illustrations featuring fun robot characters who enliven the text throughout. How to Think like a Coder takes what can be a rather intimidating topic and makes it more accessible and something all the family can share!

The Book Activist

Topics Covered Include…

Coding History

How far back do the concepts of coding go?

Who Codes?

Does anyone else besides “computer people” code?

Solve Problems

Sharpen your problem solving skills in fun ways!

Everyday Use

Learn how to apply the concepts of coding to everyday tasks.

…and more!

Accessible and fun… an essential addition to any keen programmer’s bookshelf.

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The Author

Jim Christian is a web developer, IT consultant and co-founder of FireTech Camp Australia, a technology camp teaching kids how to make awesome things with technology and build 21st century skills.

He lives in London and (when he isn’t writing) can frequently be found testing out new technology, playing video games and designing websites.